Sunday, 22 November 2015

World Wide Radio Group call roster available on PDF files now

Would you like a copy of the World Wide Radio Group club call roster?
It covers the period between 1978, the year the club was founded to 1991.
It comprises of 3 PDF files including all the club operators in the world.
Names and call signs are listed by country division number.
It has the number chart the group used back in the day before the Alfa Tango group rearranged them making 1 division Italy instead of Canada :-)
All you have to do is send an Email request and we will be happy to oblige. We look forward to hearing from you.
P.S. Its believed to be the last directory produced but we would love to find a later one, so check your attic!
P.P.S. While your searching can you check your QSL cards for any from WWRG members, we would love to publish them on the site

Best 73
Will 26WW10 and Rob 19WW409

Emails to