Thursday, 3 September 2015

Homebrew Antenna Tower Cage Built by Mick 26LR009 and Nigel 26LR002

Here is a simple but elegant solution for a DIY Head unit to fit on a tower or even a pole.
It uses mostly off the shelf components and no welding is required.

The main cage support uses 4 X M16 Stainless steel threaded rods with matching nuts and washers
The platform, mid and top bearing support uses 3 X 8mm thick by 250mm square aluminum plates.
Making it light in weight with no compromise on strength.

The most important consideration with any type of head unit is that the Rotator platform needs to be perpendicular to the thrust bearing at the top, any misalignment on the bottom platform means that when the stub mast turns in the Rotator it will not be vertical to the middle and top plates and could bind and damage the Rotator.  

 A picture is worth a thousand words

The beauty of this design is the fact you can align the cage to pin point accuracy because of the thread and nut construction.    

The Aluminum plates

The plates with rods screwed in

All plates attached

Topping out time

Time for a drink

Frigging the rigging

Attaching all the bits

Almost ready for the big day

 D Day. The 3 element Delta Loop
Is On The Air