Sunday, 21 June 2015

NOAA Issues Another Magnetic Storm Watch -- Northern Lights Show Possible

                                                                 LATEST SOLAR NEWS: 

(June 22 1028UTC) We await the 3rd CME shockwave – proton radiation and geomagnetic effects will be the primary things to watch. Flare probabilities remain high on delta class magnetic structures in AR12371.

(June 22 0220UTC) ALERT Strong CME Impact Watch – NASA and NOAA both forecast the last, largest, and most earth-direct CME to arrive by the evening of June 22, 2015 at speeds approaching 850km/s and high density. Such an event can product a strong geomagnetic storm and perhaps even disrupt satellites, avionics, GPS, communications (basically all electronics, including the internet and your cell phone) in minor ways. This CME is almost certainly well-below grid-destroying strength.


UPDATE 1: Storm Watch Now Extended to 48 hours.

UPDATE 2: Watch now UPGRADED to STRONG! First 24 hours, 7Kp possible. Second 24 hours, 6Kp possible.

Charged Particles from Sun heading towards Earth.

When does the Aurora storm watch begin?

      The storm watch begins on 22/06/2015 at 01:01:00

      The storm watch starts at the above time and continues for 48 hours.