Sunday, 24 May 2015

World Wide Radio Group Update

Lots of people have asked me whatever happened to the WW radio Group.
Well it seems like the Group folded some time in the late 80's and no one knows what the exact story is.

Thanks to John MacNutt 1WW409 we have
26, 110,116,117,118 119...England, Wales, Scotland, Channel Is, IOM.. and possibility N.Ireland and Ireland, together as 29 div.. 
28 pages in all..17 are from England... He believes its from the 86 call roster, you know the one with the bluish cover and club globe 

Stay tuned scans to follow 

Friday 09th of October 2015
World Wide Radio Group Update
After an email conversation with Rob 19WW409 reminiscing about the good old days of radio 
Rob has set up a WWRG web site to celebrate and share memories of this once great Radio group. Its here
If you have any pictures, QSL cards or memories from the past you would like to share we would be grateful.