Saturday, 18 October 2014

Sugar Delta - first Lighthouse activation

                              L.O.T.A (Lighthouse activation) by 18SD102 Jim &
                              18SD105 Theo from the Lighthouse ARKITSA.                                                            

                                                       Arkitsa Lighthouse, Greece

Arkitsa Lighthouse is situated on Cape Arkitsa, marking the west side of the Northern Gulf of Evvia. As late as 2009, two lighthouse keepser were assigned to the light station, which has been modernized and has a range of 19 miles (30.6 kilometers). A beacon of sorts, possibly a post light, was positioned here in 1899. The British Parliament’s Sessional Papers for 1990 reported it exhibiting a sixth-order light. Mariners may have felt it was inadequate, and a larger light was built in 1908.

The lighthouse was electrified in 1979, but the old mercury rotational system for the lens, with its clockworks and weights, is still intact.

The lighthouse is accessible by a road beyond the Arkitsa Ferry Dock, but is not open to the public. The keepers sometimes welcome visitors on Sundays. An annex to the keeper’s main quarters is available to military personnel as a vacation rental. The lighthouse also is visible from Faros Beach.

Satellite Location