Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Flaring sunspot 2192 (and largest sunspot region this solar cycle) to Earth-scale.

Sunspot region 2192 reached a size of 2400 millionths today according to the NOAA SWPC making it the largest sunspot region of this solar cycle and the largest sunspot group since sunspot region 486 which was the source of several strong solar storms almost 11 years ago. Sunspot region 2192 has been producing several M-class solar flares since our last update but only one of those M-class solar flares occurred today. It was an impulsive M1.2 (R1-minor) solar flare that peaked at 13:38 UTC. None of the solar flares mentioned have produced a coronal mass ejection. In this news article we take a look at sunspot region 2192 and the current geomagnetic conditions.