Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Daily Report

Weather Report

Current Conditions Temperature (c) Dewpoint (c) Wind (knots) Pressure (mb)
 Slight drizzle, broken mist  9°  9°  gusting to 31  1008

Highlights from Today's Logbook

I spoke with Pete from Spain this morning, coming in strong at 5/9.
Also spoke with Sebastian in Timisoara Romania on a half wave loop from his balcony with only 30w.
I was talking to Paddy who was running mobile when we had a QSK from Ted, 2HS1877 from Portland Indiana, he said had been listening to us both for a little while before he called in to say Hi.
We talked to Matty, he was testing a new base mic, It sounded good with punchy, well rounded audio.
Keith joined us on his new Yaesu FT 747 and we were having a good old natter when
Chris 2NY88 jumped in and told us we were making a good trip into New York.

I spoke to Roy In Corsica 104DA010  for the first time today, he is one of the guys who Paddy has spoken to on many previous occasions.

All in all a good day.

Date / Time Station Worked Name Freq RST
 14/10/14 (am)  30KP158  Pete  27.580  5/9
 14/10/14 (am)  233KP279  Sebastian  27.420  5/9
 14/10/14 (pm)  26Ct1316 Keith 27.610  5/9
 14/10/14 (pm) 26FI767 Matty  27.610 5/9
 14/10/14 (pm) 26AT127 Paddy 27.610 5/9